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Described by his colleagues as a “dynamite trial lawyer” who is “incredibly compassionate with clients”, David Sanchez has effectively handled personal injury cases for over 13 years. Clients get a trial attorney that received a computer engineering degree from the University of Notre Dame. His attention to detail and understanding of physics and how forces interact give him an advantage of insurance lawyers who fail to use logic in arguing a case to a jury. As owner of The Law Office of Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C. based out of Dallas, Texas, he treats each case uniquely is not afraid to defend his clients against the largest of companies. David’s areas of specialty include personal injury, slip and fall accidents, work-related injuries, motor accidents, construction accidents, and wrongful death.

At their law office, David and his partner, James Trujillo, refuse to settle or to accept anything less than what their clients deserve. As a result, they offer a “No Win - No Fee” contingency policy, which means the attorneys do not charge any fees until the client’s case is resolved. Therefore, if they fail to win the case, all fees are waived for the client. The attorneys are also unafraid to take a case to trial, which is evident in the fact that they have won 15 straight jury verdicts against Allstate Insurance since 2018. “These wins are monumental since Allstate is the biggest bully in the insurance industry,” says David. While most firms hesitate to battle against the insurance giant, Trujillo and Sanchez have already won three cases against Allstate this year, forcing them to pay over the policy limits in one those cases.

The motto at The Law Office of Trujillo & Sanchez is that they “will stick with you until the end and go all the way to trial with you.” As a result of their reliable and unyielding reputation, they are frequently hired to conduct trial work for other firms and have always gotten excellent results. For instance, just last year they succeeded in winning 13 trials. “That is what sets us apart from the competition,” says David, “We’re the only ones really going to court and winning. No one else has our track record, especially against Allstate.” Trujillo and Sanchez are willing to fight in court, appeal cases, and do whatever else it takes to satisfy their clients.

Prior to founding their own firm, David and James both worked with a large firm called Law Office of Domingo Garcia. The Dallas firm specializes in different types of personal injury cases, and for a while, David held the record for taking the most cases to trial with a total of 19 jury verdicts in one year. He was trying 80% of the entire firm’s cases on his own. Consequently, everyone within the legal sector started hearing about him, and he began receiving multiple job offers. However, David decided to instead establish his own firm where people could supply him with litigation cases.
Due to his exemplary work within the legal industry, David has been recognized in several magazines and has won numerous awards for being a top trial attorney on top of being board certified in personal injury. For example, he was honored by the Texas Lawyer Magazine as one of the few civil trial attorneys in the state to be named “Litigator of the Week” based upon jury verdicts. Also, David and his team won two Top Five Texas Jury Verdicts for premise/work accidents in 2012 and 2017.


David SanchezOwner and Trial Attorney
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What Our Clients are saying?

“The worst insurance ever wanted to give me a couple of thousand dollars after their insured driver ran me over. Out of options, the law offices of Trujillo/Sanchez represented me. Every time I called, they had the answers to my questions. I was rendered a verdict and received way more compensation for my injuries than what I was offered. Contrary to what your insurance company may say…You’re not in good hands with them. You’re in good hands with James Trujillo & Andre Anziani!!”

-Brian Sirmon

“David Sanchez took my case when no other attorney wanted to. Not only did he work hard and spend a lot of time with me, but he also won my case. I can’t say enough great things about David and his law firm.”

-Fransisco Gonzalez Jr.

“Mr. Trujillo did a great job with the little he had to work with. Was patient and persevered. Thank you to him and his firm.”

-Vic Villalobos
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